HotWAN FREE Community Edition

To assist penetration testers and Red Teamers from the ground up and support new feature requests, we’ve created a Free Community version of the software that can be loaded on your own Raspberry Pi 4.
This edition is an older version of the software where support and key features are excluded. The Download link is provided here:
The Download link is provided here:
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Join our beta-program. Be the first to test new features and add commentary to improve the product.

Production Description

HotWAN Professional Edition ($249)

HotWAN has launched it’s new Flagship Product for Red Teaming and Penetration Testers.
Though we provide Penetration Testing and Red Team Services, we also provide a product with the same name as our company, HotWAN.
Essential for every Red Teamer’s backpack.
Starting at $249, the device is built on a Raspberry Pi4 platform with affordability, size and plugin capabilities.
The desire for building such a product comes for decades of Penetration Testing and Red Teaming while realizing the pain points in the industry. Specifically, we address assessing IoT, C2C capabilities, Stealth Operations, isolated networks with no Internet connection, AI Assistants, Wireless, Indepth onboard tutorials, Quick and Easy to use with Fast set-up times.
2021 Feature Sets:
IoT Scanning Engine:
-Backdoors supporting Android, ARM and MIPS architectures
-Reverse engineering Sensors
-Malware Detection
Customized Command and Control (C2):
-Device to Cloud
-Peer to Peer
Cloud Exploitation:
Network Infrastructure:
-Side Channel Capabilites Communciations
-Exploitable Vulnerablility Scanning
-Peer to Peer
-Video Streaming
AI Assistance Integration
- Testing of Alexa and Siri Skills in products
- Runtime and Static
- iOS
-On-boad Step-by-Step instructions
Static Code Analysis:
-Binary analysis
-Source code Analysis
OpenSource Intelligence (OINST)
Web Applications:
-Vulnerability Scanning and Exploitation
-OWASP Top 10 and Beyond
-Cross-site scripting detection via Machine Learning models
On-board Machine Learning Models:
-Red Team automation
Hackware Hacking Suite:
- Bus Communications (SPI, JTAG and UART)
-ethernet, USB, HDMI
-Sensor Testing
- Smart home technologies such as Alarms, Video doorbells, gates and locks
- Industrial Controls such as ICS, SCADA and PLCs
- Simulations of Sensors
- Bluetooth / BLE
- WiFi
- Man-in-the-Middle Capabilities
- Z-wave
- Zigbee
- Regular, on-going support

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