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Our Penetration Testing services focus on identifying key vulnerabilities that can be chained together for circumvention and exploitation and of a customer’s product.

We have over 15 years of customer experience in:

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Our focus is in exploiting communication protocols whether they are proprietary wireless or Cellular, LTE, ZigBee, Z-Wave, RFID, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC or WiFi.

We test for replay attacks, ease dropping, spoofing, network hijacking, device hijacking, exfiltration of data, reverse engineering the baseband OS, command injection, memory corruption, access to shared memory and cross-channel leakage.

Embedded Devices

Our customers want to have a better knowledge and control over the security of their chips and devices.

For embedded systems, typically we perform penetration testing on IoT (Internet of Things) equipment, smart home / smart city appliances, medical devices and SCADA / Industrial Control Systems. Our Pentration Testing for embedded devices entails the folllowing:

AI / Machine Learning

In Machine Learning and AI , penetration testing involves uncovering edge cases in AI Assistant implementations, reverse engineering machine learning models, tainting data with adverarial attacks and leverage generative adversarial networks.

Bypass audio, video and facial recognition algorithms and recommendation engines

Manipulating Recommendation engines with regression models

Mobile Apps

Our Testing includes full interrogation of a mobile application and its associated services (Web Services & APIs) along with the server hosting those services.
This encompasses: Mobile application security issues identification and exploitation for Android and iOS – Platform related security issues, App reversing, Binary instrumentation techniques to gain sensitive information.
We address API based security issues and test cloud-based and vulnerabilities in the back-end systems.